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The Operation of 5G

The Operation of 5G

5G System

5G is the latest generation of mobile system based on adoption of a new radio interface technology called New Radio (NR) which is

  • a new digital wireless transmission technology developed by 3GPP for 5G
  • designed to significantly improve the performance, flexibility, scalability and efficiency of current mobile networks (e.g. 2G, 3G and 4G)

Frequency Ranges:

Frequency Range
Application (Example)
Above 6 GHz
Small(need more base stations to achieve the same size of radio coverage than using frequencies below 6 GHz)
Very high
Hotspots with high subscriber density and data usage such as exhibition venues
Below 6 GHz
Large(good for wide-area deployment)
Wider areas such as streets and buildings on both sides of the streets
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